Procurement Negotiation


6-Week Online Program

Identify the approaches that work for your own personality styles and tailor them to the commodities you are each responsible for acquiring. Learn the negotiation skills that directly pertain to the acquisition of technologies, products, and services.

How to Negotiate and Create Win/Win Outcomes?

Here's How Our 3-Step Learning Process Can Help You

Join this asynchronous learning program and attend from anywhere, anytime conveniently.  Our interactive learning platform follows a proven 3-step learning path as outlined below.


Learn Innovative Trends in Procurement  Negotiations

We will teach you the latest trends in procurement negotiations and how they are used by leading companies and governmental agencies.


Expand Your Knowledge Through Discussions

You will have the opportunity to interact with your coach through forums and expand your knowledge as you progress with the learning activities.


Do Exercises and Get Feedback from Your Coach 

You will work with our practical exercises and submit to your coach for review to ensure that you are ready to apply the knowledge immediately.

Join as an Individual or a Team and Learn at Your Convenience.

What You Will Learn in 6 Weeks?

Week 1 

  • The Place of Negotiations in Today’s Strategic Sourcing Environment
  • The History of Supply Chain Negotiation Techniques
  • Individual Exercise – Assessment of My Personal Negotiation Capabilities
  • When to Negotiate? (Rather than Compete)
    Developing the Pre-Negotiation Strategy Checklist

Week 2 

  • Aligning Negotiation Behavior With Key Supplier Relationship Attributes
  • Harmonization of Stakeholder Objectives w/Procurement Strategies
  • Attributes of World Class Negotiators
  • Ways to Identify the Opposition’s Personality Styles & Techniques to Apply
  • Building Customer & Supplier Requirement Profiles

Week 3 –  The Negotiation Process – Exploration of the Six Process Stages Essential to Every Successful Negotiation:

  • Preparation
  • Positioning
  • Discovery
  • Problem Resolution
  • Identification of Options
  • Securing Commitment

Week 4

  • Ethics in Negotiations
  • Tools – Preparing a Negotiation Plan & Worksheet
  • Must Know Elements from the Harvard Negotiation Study
  • Tactics & Strategies that Create Win/Win Negotiations
  • Techniques for Negotiating In-Person (Team or Individuals), via Telephone, or via Email.

Week 5 

  • Team Identification & Assignments – Procurement’s Role in the Negotiations
  • Five Unwritten Rules of Negotiations
  • Introduction to Tools – Negotiations Requirements Template and Negotiation Strategy Template
  • Building Momentum in Negotiations
  • Setting the Stage for Successful Negotiations (Selecting Location, Room & Participant Arrangements)

Week 6 

  • Negotiations and People – Identifying “Needs” which Drive Counterpart Behaviors
  • Sole Source Negotiations – Changing the Paradigm (7 Winning Techniques)
  • Negotiation Mistakes (12 Pitfalls)
  • Supplier Positioning Tactics & Appropriate Responses
  • The Art of Breaking a Bargaining Deadlock

Our Students Represent World-Class Organizations Around the World

Learn with Mark Trowbridge, CPSM, C.P.M.,  MCIPS

His 35+ years in procurement includes supply management leadership positions in the Services, Financial, & Manufacturing sectors, eventually, as Director of Strategic Sourcing & Contracting Management for Bank of America, a global financial services company, where during his last two years with the enterprise, his areas of responsibility delivered $250 Million in savings through sourcing and key negotiations of traditional and non-traditional acquisitions.

For the last 20 years, Mark has experienced great success in procurement consulting, exceeding targeted savings objectives on procurement transformation projects in the Oil/Gas, Mining, Telecommunications, Agricultural, Governmental, Food Service, Technology, Chemical, Health Care, Banking, Manufacturing & Insurance sectors. During his decades-long consulting tenure, Mr. Trowbridge has assisted clients in capturing hundreds of millions in cost reductions.

He is one of the original founders of Strategic Procurement Solutions, LLC. Mr. Trowbridge holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He earned his Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) designation from the Institute for Supply Management (I.S.M.) in 1993, and Lifetime Certification in 2003. He also is a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM). His MCIPS certification was granted by CIPS in 2011. Mark is currently an active member of the I.S.M., CIPS, and the National Contract Management Association. Mark has served on the I.S.M. committee that creates and reviews certification questions in the CPSM test modules.

He is an invited guest speaker for supply management groups, including numerous seminars for global clients and professional associations. He has been a featured speaker in nearly all of the last 18 I.S.M. annual conferences. His LinkedIn profile is among the 1% most-viewed out of that organization's 250 Million members. Mr. Trowbridge has written articles for Supply Chain Management Review-Journal, eSide Supply Management, and Inside Supply Management Magazine.


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